Dining room sets can be highly practical, simple and useful, and are usually seen as a focal point of the dining room area. However, buying one can be tricky if we are not aware of some of the basic tips we should follow.

Size of Dining Area

You already know that to escape clutter or an empty-looking space you have to measure the size of the dining area. When buying dining room sets think about the important facets of selecting the right one. The space between your dining table and the wall or other furniture should be around 36”.

First, choose a table taking into account how many diners it will accommodate. A rule of thumb is to allow 27-30” per diner. This arrangement requires a 19” wide dining chair, quite common in fine furniture. However, if you choose armed chairs you should add more space per diner. If you select the expandable table it usually goes with folding chairs or dining benches.

When equipping a larger space you should think about other pieces of furniture to match your dining table and seating. A sideboard or a buffet used to store your dishes and cutlery can be a very practical and beautiful option. Also, you can complement your dining set with hutches displaying decorative items and your finest china.

Dining Room Sets

Dining Room Sets

Dining Table Structure

Dining tables structure comes in three basic models: the trestle, leg and pedestal. Trestle tables are true masterpieces that have been around since the 7th century. It varies in design ranging from simple to decorative works of art. They are often large, accommodating up to 20 diners.

Leg tables are adaptable to many different functions. Owing to their simple design leg tables are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are ideal for large gatherings since they can expand more than most pedestal or trestle tables.

Pedestal tables are most common in Traditional and Queen Anne designs. They add significant class and dignity to the dining room sets because of their impressive bases.

Dining Table Height

The standard dining table height is 30”, with variations for counter height at 36”, and bar or pub height at 42”. Taller tables are more suitable for casual or modern environment. On the other hand, bar height dining tables can look very smart and fashionable while keeping its formality, but most homeowners prefer standard 30” height when they think of having a formal meal.

Amish Berkley Trestle Table

Dining Chair Height

The seat of most dining chairs varies from 17.5” – 19.5” based upon upholstery and structure, with counter height around 24”, and bar or pub around 30”. You should complement the chair height to the height of your table. Measure the space from the ground to the bottom of the table skirt and compare it to the height of the arms of the chair. If you do it right the chair will freely slide in and out under the table.

Batavia Dining Chair

Amish Batavia Dining Chair

Dining Room Sets Wood Selection

You will determine your dining room style by choosing a specific type of wood. Oak and cherry are considered to be timeless classics but any type of hardwood can be a great choice for a dining room set. Hickory’s outstanding look and strength make it ideal for dining tables and chairs. Brown maple and other rustic species easily transform a casual space enriching it with elegant formality. Other statements- makers are Pine, Elm, Quarter Sawn White Oak, and Walnut.

Dining Room Sets Finishes and Stains Selection

The easiest way to match all your wood pieces is to purchase a whole new dining set, but not everyone can afford it. If you are buying one piece at a time be sure that your existing furniture goes with the pieces you will buy. It’s highly unlikely that the finishes will be the same but it will not be a problem since overtime all the finishes will change their color.

If you want a dramatic change in the style of your dining room tries experimenting with two-stained finishes. It applies to all dining room pieces, including cabinets, sideboards, hutches and benches. This arrangement also allows for buying one piece of furniture at a time.

Dining Room Sets Maintenance

It’s important to take care of your investment in furniture by following a few simple tips. Generally, keep it away from heat sources such as heaters and radiators as well as from direct sunlight. Dust your furniture every week with a clean, dry cloth. Whenever you do a thorough cleaning use a fresh, clean cloth to dry the furniture, not the used one. Otherwise, you could scratch and damage the finish.