Your bedroom is the place where you rest, rejuvenate, and relax from everyday stresses. It’s your private retreat from the outside world, and as such it deserves attention. We begin and end our day in this room, so it impacts how we sleep and whether we feel rested and energized when we wake up.

But your bedroom is more than a place to sleep. It should be a relaxing sanctuary where you can recharge and unwind at the end of a long day.

If your bedroom doesn’t feel like that, it’s time for the upgrade! Read our nine tried-and-true tips on how to turn this room into a space of serenity and comfort!

1.     Go with Soft Color Palette

It’s been said many times already, but it’s true: color can change the atmosphere of a room. A calming color palette will create a more tranquil environment making you instantly feel more relaxed! Opting for a soft color scheme will contribute to the serenity of the space.

Neutrals are a great choice too.

And as a bonus, painting your walls is one of the most budget-friendly ways to transform your bedroom into a calming retreat.

Consider which colors you find soothing and peaceful. For instance, many people find pale greens, blues, and pinks calming.

Blue and green are soothing colors that have the power to spark relaxation. Both of them are related to nature and they indicate a presence of water, sky, or vegetation which promotes relaxation. On a subconscious level, these nature-inspired colors can calm us after a stressful day and enhance our sleep.

2.     Put Some Thought Into Selecting a Bed

It should go without saying that your bed needs to be comfortable and cozy! A soft, luxurious, and comfy bed is what first comes to mind when the word relaxation is mentioned. Consider the size of your bedroom and give yourself as much room to spread out as possible!

Remember that the headboard is a style statement that is sure to add personality to your bedroom, and also a wonderful opportunity to introduce beautiful fabrics and designs.

And of course, creating bedroom heaven of yours is impossible without a good, well-made mattress.

It has to provide the right support for your body, otherwise it’s a waste of money.

3.     Bring Elements of Nature Into Your Space

Natural elements are a perfect addition to your bedroom because they are proven to have a calming effect. During our evolution, it has been ingrained in us to seek natural elements to feel safe and secure. So, just like nature-inspired colors, we are predisposed to feel good around wood, plants, and other natural materials.

You can bring nature indoors by picking furniture made of wood, bamboo, or rattan. Even nature-inspired art can positively impact our emotional well-being.

The easiest and low-cost way to leverage our innate connection with nature is to add greenery to your bedroom. If you lack the green thumb, don’t worry! Just opt for low-maintenance indoor plants that are hard to kill like aloe vera and snake plants.

4.     Light Your Bedroom Properly

Maximize natural light during the day as it helps regulate our circadian rhythm. As the night sets in make sure to stick to warmer light that is easier on the eyes. This will help improve your alertness during the day and your sleep quality during the night.

Table lamps and sconces are both functional and beautiful. And they can be used to accentuate certain accessories or architectural features in your bedroom. When choosing light bulbs, go with soft, diffused, or dimmable ones.

Hang string lights on your bookshelves, wrap them around your headboard, or use them in tapestry form to transform your bedroom into a magical place! And bring in the candles too! They are great for creating an ethereal atmosphere.

5.     Comforting Textures Are a Must!

Incorporating a variety of different textures is food for your sense of touch, and for the eyes too! A cozy merino wool blanket, luxurious velvet cushions, or soft silk pillowcases will help you create a peaceful bedroom.

They add warmth and a tactile quality that will upgrade your bedroom in no time. Natural woven window shades, exposed brick, and fabric lampshades are all great ways to enhance the tactile aspect of your space that promotes a sense of serenity.

A plush rug in a pretty color around your bed is a nice touch too! And with something plus to land on, your feet will thank you!

6.     Add a Bed Bench

Bed benches are stylish and practical: they provide a spot to sit and tie your laces in the morning. They are also great for introducing some color and texture into your oasis of calm. A wooden bench will add an element of nature to your bedroom and provide a sleeker look.

Upholstered benches are a great choice if you are looking for a bit more comfort when it comes to seating. Their fabric-covered seats are comfier, and as a plus, some of these benches are designed with an interior storage bin, so it will elevate the look of your bedroom and allow you to stash away your knick-knacks and extra accessories.

7.     Declutter & Organize!

Clutter creates a lot of distraction and brings the feeling of restlessness in a space. It’s like visual noise, so keep your space tidy! Use organizers and containers to remove all unnecessary items from your dresser and keep everything in its place.

Make it a habit to clean up your space every evening before you go to bed. A messy, cluttered room affects more than you think – studies have demonstrated that sleeping in a clean, organized room is associated with a better night’s sleep.

So, clear your nightstands and other surfaces from things you don’t need, put away dirty clothes, make sure your floor is clutter-free, and you’re on a good way to a serene space and enhanced sleep!

8.     Aim for Minimalism

While cozy elements add character and comfort to your room, make sure not to overdo it.  Having too much stuff is the enemy of a clear mind and good night’s rest, and it requires more cleaning and organizing as well! Make things easier for yourself, and stick with essentials only.

Keep your walls unadorned to achieve a clean, streamlined look. Keep your color palette simple too, and opt for furniture with sleek, clean lines.

This will make your bedroom instantly look and feel more relaxing. The focus should be on rejuvenation and sleep, and not on piles of books or excessive jewelry on your dresser.

9.     Don’t Forget About the Scent!

Your bedroom should be your private relaxing retreat, and the scent is an important aspect when looking to create a calming environment. Some smells have been scientifically proven to affect our mood, making us less anxious and stressed.

If you don’t have one already, get a diffuser and a couple of essential oils that are known to have a relaxing effect like lavender and jasmine.

A stylish wood grain diffuser will not only add your favorite scent and keep your bedroom from drying out, but its beautiful appearance will elevate the look of your room in a zen-like manner.

Linen and room sprays are another way to utilize aromatherapy in your bedroom. Just spray it lightly on your pillow and sheets and let it soothe you into a calm night!