No matter how good every piece of furniture looks in your home you are going to feel unpleasant if it is uncomfortable and doesn’t suit your budget and style. The most important room to feel comfortable in is your bedroom since you sleep for one third or 25 years of your life. The coziest place to spend your time in it is your bed. Choosing the right bed means spending time in comfort, free of sore muscles, strained backs and poor sleep. It’s always better to pay big money on a comfortable one than for medical bills because of your ill health condition due to a lack of sleep. Every component of it must fit in- the mattress, the support, and the size of it to fulfill the purpose of the ideal place to rest in.

So what tips should you follow when buying a bed? After all, there’s more to it than just choosing a comfortable, solid mattress – you wish it to look appealing, too and expect it to be part of your bedroom for a long time.

If you would like to save some time and money, take a look at our quick guide.

1 – The mattress

Never buy a bed without considering the mattress. You shouldn’t lose your sleep over choosing a new mattress. Whether your bed is going to be teamed up with spring or foam mattresses you should think about its quality, life, and firmness and your sleeping position and body weight. Try the one before buying it and check back support, its hardness and the right amount of movement.

2 – Measure your room

The critical thing before buying a bed is the overall bedroom size. By measuring the room you find out exactly how much space you need for it. Also, once it is fixed in place you want to be sure that there is reasonable space in the bedroom to move around and that bed is large enough to make you comfortable. Get the correct measurements, work out its location and establish the size of the bed you can comfortably provide for. Be aware that it is always larger than the mattresses and make sure that the supplier gives you the correct bed dimensions.

3 – Manufacturing quality

One bed isn’t designed for everybody since we all differ. Depending on our weight and build we all need different support so we really need to be confident with our decisions. But one thing that we all have in common is a need for a well constructed and high-quality bed that will not collapse after a few weeks. If you have a home full of children that’s a highly likely scenario since it is not only used for a peaceful sleep. For that purpose feel free to check samples of the company’s production standards, testimonials, referrals or quality guarantees. The higher price isn’t always a guarantee for better quality but the lowest one isn’t either. On the contrary, lower prices might make you feel uncomfortable.

Amish Belwright Bed

4 – Style and design

Whatever style your bed features from clean and simple to rustic one, it is important it matches up with future furnishings. It really helps if a manufacturer already has matching pieces on offer but if that’s not a case always be sure to buy a bed that will easily fit together with complementary items. It’s always better to choose stains, finishes, and woods that are more neutral if you are not yet sure of your future furnishing styles. Visit as many stores as you can since you can’t get a clear picture of your bedroom furnishings by simply seeing it on screen. In this way, you can also try out more different styles and designs to match your bedroom and your needs.