Trestle Dining Tables

Our trestle dining tables have various benefits such as offering plenty of leg room and functionality. It enables greater maneuverability since it is very spacious and incredibly stable.

Our hand-crafted trestle tables are made from the highest quality wood such as hickory, oak, hard maple, or walnut, and they can easily fit into any dining room. Choose from various shapes and designs to find a dining room trestle table that fits your requirements.

The trestle table is the perfect furniture choice for accommodating large family gatherings or dinner parties. Speaking of parties and formal dinners, if you would like to decorate and protect your table with elegance, we recommend selecting from a variety of table pads and table paddies.

Our solid wood Amish dining room trestle wood table selection features a rectangle, bow end, boat shape top of varying sizes, depending on your needs. Built to last for decades, these stylish and practical trestle tables can be placed in your dining room or kitchen.

Visit our showroom in Minnesota, or create your account to order your choice of our hand-crafted furniture today.


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