100% American made furniture!

Real Solid Wood Amish Furniture

Authentic Amish Children’s Room Furniture

As children grow, it’s necessary to buy new clothes, toys, and food. What doesn’t have to be replaced seemingly every other year should be the furniture in their room. Our hand-crafted Amish children’s furniture is built to last.

Made from the Best Hardwoods

All of the furniture you’ll find in our store is made from the best hardwoods. That means they not only look incredible the moment they join your family in your home, but that they will endure constant use and abuse.

Form and Function

Browse through our collection of Amish children’s furniture, including:

  • Cribs and beds,
  • Dressers,
  • Chests,
  • Nightstands,
  • Bookcases,
  • And toy boxes,

One thing you’ll notice immediately are the lines, curves, and attention to every detail. Our master Amish craftsmen produce flawless furniture and will work with you to ensure every detail matches.

Shipping Available Throughout the U.S.

No matter where you live in the U.S., we will deliver your children’s furniture to your address. When you want the best furniture brands, you won’t find anything better than the collections and pieces we offer.

Contact Us today and discover the incredible luxury and design elegance hand-crafted Amish furniture offers.

Cribs & Beds

Dressers & Chests

Manhattan 3 Drawer Nightstand


Manhattan Bookcase


Toy Box

Toy Boxes