Double Pedestal Tables

Our high-quality wooden dining room double pedestal tables can be hand-crafted from a variety of hardwood types to reflect your personal taste and complement your dining area. Browse a variety of double pedestal tables in various shapes and designs for your kitchen or dining room.

Hand-made by our skilled craftsmen, our selection of Amish double pedestal tables are made using quality hardwood featuring a classic style. We also have several modern-style tables for everyone’s tastes.

The double pedestal table is the best choice for those who prefer traditional, formal, and sophisticated furniture styles. The major advantage is maximum seating capacity because there are no legs in the corners. Moreover, it can support a longer tabletop and accommodate more people than conventional leg tables.

Where can you place it? It can be placed in the kitchen, dining room, or entertainment room due to its versatility. Whether you choose to put it in a breakfast nook or make it a focal point of your dining room, your living space will get both functional and distinguishing features that will refine it.

Check out more options and styles for your dining room.


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