Amish Blanket Chests

When you open a blanket storage chest and smell the fresh wood, you just know that your blankets are safe from moths, unpleasant odors, mold, and all the unwanted environmental elements. This piece of furniture brings back the childhood memories of Grandparents’ home and hidden treasures. An Amish blanket chest is made to resist the ravages of time, giving you extra space to keep your pillows and blankets within reach at the foot of your bed or under the window.

A blanket chest is a great addition to bedroom interior design and practical storage for your extra blankets, curtains, linens, tablecloths, etc. It is naturally designed to preserve the freshness of your blankets. You can select from the various timeless styles and hardwood types – oak, walnut, maple, elm, hickory, cherry, and many more. Complement your bed frame, dresser, or nightstand with matching wood type, color, and stain.

Buy the Amish blanket chest and start preserving your blankets, toys, photos, antiques, or some meaningful items for generations to come.


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