Amish Beds

Your bed is the primary element which takes up the most space in your bedroom. Whether you choose a double bed or a king size bed, it is the largest and most prominent piece of furniture in your room. Wooden beds are very durable and easy to take care of in comparison to other materials. Wood is traditionally the foremost used item for its durability. If taken care of properly, your wooden bed will last for generations.

Having in mind that we spend one third of our lives asleep, making a decision to choose a high-quality bed has a great impact on other aspects of our life including our mental and physical health. Choosing the Amish made beds is choosing a healthy lifestyle and going green.

We at Deutsch Furniture Gallery take care that every single piece of furniture is custom and unique. Amish beds are made with attention to every detail and are a blend of nature and superior craftsmanship.

Spruce up your bedroom, shop various traditional, transitional and contemporary style Amish made beds.


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