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Amish Cabinet Tables

Cabinet base Amish tables are strong, sturdy and the best part is that they are handmade. This means each piece is unique. These are not made in any factory through an assembly line. These are made of solid wood, hand-crafted in the traditional way to look just like the ones your grandparents owned.

Our authentic handmade Amish cabinet base tables represent a delightful addition to your home, wherever you choose to place them. Carefully handcrafted from the highest-quality wood, these base tables from Deutsch Furniture Gallery breathe quality and tradition. The best part about these timeless pieces is that each of them is unique since they have been made by skillful hands, not machines.

Authentic Amish base tables from our collection are made by top-notch craftsmen using various types of hardwood such as oak, cherry, rustic cherry, hickory, brown maple, walnut, etc. Each piece can be additionally customized to suit your style and preferences. The shape, as well as the edges of the tables, can be made according to your requirements while the drawers can also be painted as per your wish.

What we’re most proud of when it comes to our selection of wooden base tables is the fact that they honor our traditional style and resemble furniture seen in your grandparents’ house.

Here at Deutsch Furniture Gallery, we regard each piece we manufacture as a work of art and we direct our craft and our passion into creating stunning wooden furniture that will stand the test of time. We are proud of the durability of our furniture which enables your kids and even grandkids to enjoy these pieces as well.

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