Live Edge Dining Tables

Dining room live edge tables from our collection are constructed using real wood such as oak, rustic cherry, or maple. You can choose among a variety of sizes and finish colors, as well as materials to create the ultimate live edge dining room table for your dining space.

Live edge dining table design gives your home a dash of style and can be used in any room, not just the dining room. Hand-crafted to meet our high standards, our tables with a live edge are quite unique and can be fully customized to reflect your style.

Contact Us today and treat yourself and the generations to come with sturdy, durable and elegant piece of Amish furniture.

Live edge or natural edge means that a craftsperson incorporates natural wood with all its texture and its organic beauty into the design of the table. In that manner, the initial shape of a tree and its raw look is being preserved. When it comes to our marvelously crafted live edge table, you should know that our Amish furniture makers respect nature and they leave a natural touch in their woodwork.

Pair it with Amish dining chairs and tie your dining room together.


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