Once you have finished decorating your dining room with all the basic necessities you might start to search for additional furniture pieces that can add extra elegancy to the room. Well, a sophisticated wine server just might be the cherry on top that you were searching for. Wine servers are great for adding extra style to your dining room, and apart from serving as “eye candy”, they are very practical as well. In case you enjoy a glass of wine after a long day at the office, wine servers are a useful piece that will help you store your wine bottles.

Sometimes, picking an adequate wine server can be tough, and this is why we have created a short guide to help you know what to look for in a wine server. Also, we will be adding some of our personal favorites for you to consider.

Practical for Storing Wine Bottles

The first thing you should always look for in a wine server is that has enough space for wine storage. If you have enough space in your dining room, we would recommend that you choose one that includes a wine rack. A wine rack displays your wine bottles and they are easily accessible anytime you want to take one out to pour a glass over dinner.

One of our favorite wine servers that come with a wine rack is definitely the Amish Jacoby Wine Server. The craftsmen at Deutsch Furniture Gallery really did a splendid job with this model. The design of this wine server is truly one of a kind and it will provide additional elegancy to any dining room setting. The wine rack is placed right in the middle of the piece so all of your most valuable bottles will be right on display.

Sufficient Glass Storage

A sufficient amount of glass storage is the second thing you should be looking for in a wine server. Buying a wine server that provides you with both glass and wine bottle storage is the smartest buy. Although there are a lot of other wine servers on our website that integrate both of these features, we would again like to recommend the Amish Jacoby Wine Server, simply due to its large over-shelf top that comes with racks made for glass storage.  An alternative to this piece would be the Amish McCoy Wine Buffet. This wonderful piece of furniture is guaranteed to catch the eye of your dinner party guests with its oblique sides and exposed tenons.  It also has an adjustable shelf that provides you with enough flexibility to rearrange the wine in any way you want.

Enough Storage for Other Necessities

Although wine bottle storage and glass storage are considered to be the two essential things to look out for in a wine server, having enough space to put your other necessities is important as well. After all, it’s not just wine that you will be placing in the server; you can keep some interesting china, napkins, plates, or utensils there as well. It’s useful to find a wine server that is large enough and can provide you with enough space for everything that you need. Placing all of these utensils in a wine server can prevent you from going to the kitchen every minute in case you forget something.

At Deutsch Furniture Gallery we make sure that all of our Amish wine servers are made with extra drawers and cabinets so that you don’t have to worry about having enough space for all of your necessities.

Tailor-made Wine Servers

Ok, so you have found the perfect wine server for your dining room, but there are still a few more details that you would like to be a bit different. Well, today is your lucky day because at Deutsch Furniture Gallery you can modify the server in any way you please and get a tailor-made piece of furniture just for you. No matter which wine server on our website you opt for, you can pick out the type of wood you want it to be made out of, you can pick out the adequate size that will fit into your dining room, and you can choose some interesting stains as well. Uniqueness is one of the things we are known for.

Explore our Website to Find the Best Option

Once you have made up your mind that a wine server is the finishing touch you need for your dining room, we recommend that you check out this page and take a look at our numerous wine server options. In case you have any questions regarding our products you can simply ask us through e-mail and you will get a response from our team in no time.

Remember, no matter if you are a passionate wine lover or just a beginner wine enthusiast, a wine server can only prove to be beneficial for your dining room. Aside from storing the wine bottles and glasses, you will have plenty of space for your other necessities as well, so you won’t have to make those long trips to the kitchen and back in case you forgot something.