The good thing about working from home is that you get to control many aspects of your surroundings. And by doing that you can also create a more inviting office and maximize your performance! Concentration strategies like the acclaimed Pomodoro technique and technological tools that save time are great, and they can certainly help you boost your productivity.

But if you truly want to set yourself up for success, there is more work ahead! A well-put-together office can support your well-being, happiness, and productivity. Designing a work-friendly space in your home takes time and some consideration, but it will pay off!

In this article, we will cover eight effective tips on creating your own productivity-boosting workspace!

1.     Take Control of Light

Poor lighting has tangible physical consequences! It causes headaches, fatigue, eye strain, and stress, to name just a few. Improving lighting is one of the simplest and most budget-friendly things you can do to boost your productivity!

For starters, maximize access to natural light! If it’s possible, position your desk to face the windows. To reduce the glare, use translucent window shades or blinds. They won’t darken your room.

If your home office lacks natural light, go with indirect lighting. It’s bright, it minimizes glare on computer screens, and it doesn’t cause eye strain. And as a bonus, it creates an inviting environment for focused work.

2.     Eliminate Distractions

Most employees complain about the noise. It’s especially distracting in open-plan offices, but it can be an issue in a home workspace too. Children playing, a barking dog or a noisy air conditioner can disrupt your focus and damage your performance.

The background noise negatively affects our cognitive functions like our ability to stay attentive, working with numbers, and reading and processing text.

Luckily, there are effective ways to get rid of unwanted sounds. Noise-canceling headphones will block out background noise and ambient sound, and help you be more accurate, focused, and productive.

3.     The Right Desk Is Essential

When you work from home, you have control over the design of your workspace. Your desk and your chair are the most important pieces of office furniture, and you get to choose these office staples. Many of us are sitting for most of our day, so a correctly fitted table is vital.

When choosing a desk pay attention to both its functionality and the design.

Picking a beautifully crafted wooden desk that fits your needs and can withstand daily use is a win-win. It’s practical and visually appealing.

And there is one more benefit to wooden desks. Adding elements of nature into your space creates a serene, nature-inspired, and nurturing space and it’s been proven to boost well-being and productivity.

Bear in mind that the right desk needs to allow enough space for you to work comfortably. It has to be wide enough to accommodate your laptop and other items that are necessary to do your work.

4.     Invest in an Ergonomic Chair!

It can’t be stressed enough how important a comfortable office chair that provides proper support to your body is. Comfort is essential for productivity and your overall health too, while discomfort can damage your performance levels and lead to health issues.

So, a good ergonomic chair is a must-have. In addition to a proper chair, get a laptop stand that will allow you to transition from sitting to standing. Sit-to-stand working has gained more traction recently, and rightfully so.

It improves circulation and reduces the risk of long-term health issues.

With that being said, making time for physical activity is just as important. Get up from time to time, stretch, and go for a quick walk on your breaks.

5.     Paint Your Walls

Painting your walls is an inexpensive project that can have a positive impact on your performance. Colors are known to significantly impact our mood, our emotions, and even our effectiveness at work. According to studies, certain colors can help stimulate the brain while other shades have a calming effect.

And believe it or not, crisp and clean white is one of the worst colors when it comes to productivity!

Research on colors shows that green can improve creative performance and broader thinking, while blue is a calming color that promotes communication and efficiency.

Both of these colors are rooted in nature and create a positive, meditative atmosphere that promotes productivity.

6.     Get Rid of the Clutter

It won’t come as a surprise that if it takes you 10 minutes every day to find your stapler while swimming through extra papers, the chances you’ll be your most productive self are pretty slim. Keeping your space clean is more important than you think!

A messy environment including a disorganized desk hinders productivity and increases stress levels.

To avoid mental overload and drops in your performance levels, develop a system to keep your workspace organized. There should be a designated spot for your pens, notes, documents, and other necessities.

One of the best ways to keep your workspace clutter-free and organized is to take a few minutes every day and tidy it up. Throw out unnecessary items and put everything in place.

7.     Liven up Your Office

The benefits of getting a plant (or a couple of them) go beyond Instagram-worthy office pictures. They can help improve air quality and are proven to affect us positively in multiple ways. Greenery reduces stress, increases productivity, and even boosts our creativity!

Pretty amazing effects for such a simple change in your space!

And again, this is an easy and affordable way to decorate your workspace and lift your spirits when you lack motivation!

Green offices lead to more productive and happier workers, so incorporate indoor plants into your office design as soon as possible! There are plenty of beautiful, resistant plants that require almost no effort on your side.

8.     Personalize Your Workspace

Although this doesn’t seem that important, it can improve your emotional connection to your work and establish a positive relationship between your work and your identity. Tailoring your workspace to better appeal to your visual side can inspire you to be more productive too!

For example, many people report that the photo of their kids is what keeps them motivated throughout the day.

Scientific studies have also shown that personalizing workspaces can help employees better cope with stress and distractions.

Creating optimal home office space will help you deal with daily tasks more efficiently and contribute to reducing stress levels. With a noise-free, well-lit, and thoughtfully designed home office, you have laid down the foundation for success!