Exquisitely crafted quality Amish furniture from solid wood is almost a thing of the past.

With today’s globalization, there is an increased massive production of so-called hand-made pieces. That process can’t feature the same quality as Amish heirloom furniture. Everything is different in the process from selecting the wood to its assembling.

Deutsch Furniture Haus prides itself on the manufacturing of the original Amish furniture which quality is second to none. Each piece is created with love and patience by Amish craftsmen. Unlike a machine operator, they select a wood by hand, choosing only the finest hardwoods and bring it to perfection. Robotic arms and computer-controlled saws are replaced by the hands and hearts of Amish furniture makers. Their work of art involves long hours designing individual pieces made to order.

If you have never had a piece of Amish made furniture there are a few things that distinguish it from the mass-produced one.

It is built to last several lifetimes

Amish furniture’s durability is one of the main reasons the customers like to have it in their homes. As their testimonials say they know it will last forever and be passed on to their grandchildren. Also, they say it is simply worth every penny plus more than you’d pay for it. The longevity is surprising compared to what is out there in the stores. All in all, everyone prefers to buy furniture only once in their lifetime and that’s exactly what we offer.

It is hand-made quality Amish furniture

Amish furniture is also hard to find because only Amish craftsmen know how to make it. Their life is simple and carpentry is one of the trades that match their non-complicated lives. They enjoy handcrafting the high-quality furniture and acquire their skills from the elders. The skills involve traditional, older and more reliable, methods of making the furniture like sanding and varnishing that feature a perfect finish.

Made to order

Custom work is our specialty. Each piece of furniture that you buy from us is made to order. Our builders know who the furniture is for, because we put customer’s name on it. Therefore it is very easy for us to tailor-make any of the pieces to meet your specific needs.


Every piece of our handcrafted furniture on the site is of unique, superior quality that you will not find in the big blow-out stores. A vast collection ranges from chairs and tables to the filing cabinets and bookcases. They will match every room of your home from a dining room to a bedroom. It is one of the best and largest collections of Amish furniture in the world that you can order from the comfort of your home.

Hardwood furniture

Amish furniture is solely made of hardwood. No plywood or particleboard is ever used. What distinguishes it from modern furniture is that it is plain or quarter sawn. The majority of hardwood is prized for its beauty, excellent durability, strength and wear-resistance. Each wood has its characteristics and offers a unique aesthetic appeal. One can choose between Red Oak, Soft and Hard Maple, Cherry, Hickory and many others.

Quality Amish Furniture

Amish Independence Trestle Dining Room Set