If you are fortunate enough to have an outdoor space, make the most of it! Create a backyard where you’ll want to spend your free time. Making your backyard more welcoming and special will bring you and your loved ones together too and it’ll be the perfect backdrop for lasting memories.

With summer around the corner, the timing is right to update your outdoor area and prepare it for summertime fun!

If you need inspiration and ideas on how to spruce up your outdoor space and take full advantage of the precious warm weather months ahead, read on!

This article is designed to provide you with tips on how to refresh your outdoor area and give it a wonderful, brand new look this season! Let’s begin!

1.     Create an Intimate Setting

A relaxed, intimate seating area is what you need to encourage your family to spend more time outdoors! Creating a perfect lounging area is all about cozying up space. Fill your backyard or your patio with comfortable chairs, cushions, and warm blankets.

If you want to create a place for alfresco dining, opt for a rustic table and interesting-looking chairs. You can even transform your balcony into a spectacular green oasis by strategically placing plants to provide privacy for dining and relaxing.

And if casual lounging is what you prefer, then go with comfy sofas, ottomans with cushions, and low tables. If your outdoor space is large, you can create several different seating arrangements.

2.     Take Your Landscape Details up a Notch

Add liveliness to your deck instantly by grouping beautiful potted plants together. Opt for fun planters or go rustic and dress up your space with a bloom-filled crate. Use pretty pastel wildflowers like hydrangeas and lisianthus to fill the crate.

A beautiful rose arbor with wines like native trumpet honeysuckle will create an enchanting setting outside your home. And you can even spice it up a bit more and hang string lights to illuminate its lovely structure and blooms.

You can even plant a herb garden of yours, and reach for fresh herbs like oregano or thyme when you’re cooking your favorite meal!

3.     Illuminate Your Outdoor Space

Make your outdoor space feel homey with the right lighting. Lanterns and string lights will set the mood when the sun begins to set and turn your backyard into a magical space! You can place them strategically to illuminate the part of your yard you want to accentuate.

Hanging lanterns from tree branches will cast a soft glow on your outdoor space and create an out-of-this-world atmosphere. And as a plus, it will encourage you to camp under the stars or at least schedule a movie night with your loved ones!

A pro tip: you can use rope lights to illuminate your garden paths and make them bright and pretty!

4.     Heat Things With a Fire Pit

A fire pit is the perfect place for you and your friends to gather in the evening to relax, chit-chat, and enjoy food and drinks. If stone fire features are too ambitious for you, go with a beautifully designed fire pit table instead!

It’s water and weather-resistant, low maintenance, resists cracking, mold, and color fading. And as a bonus, it comes in a variety of colors, from earthy wood tones to vibrant colors that will instantly refresh your space! Plus, it’s a great option for tight spaces.

Gathering around the fire pit to roast hot dogs and marshmallows will become your favorite summer pastime. Just remember to stock up on fire-friendly food!

5.     Bring Indoor Comfort Out

For your outdoor space to feel more like an extension of your home, you need to cozy it up and make it livable. Add accessories like cushions, throw blankets, and make your sprawling garden or your tiny patio as chic and comfortable as the indoors.

Introducing an outdoor rug can help you make this space look as put together as your living room.

Bringing indoor comfort out also means plenty of seating, enough tables to hold snacks, drinks, and all the knick-knacks.

6.     Include Elegant Bench Seating

An elegant backyard bench will up your outdoor design in no time! It provides a comfortable place to sit and rest, and it’s more than just a piece of furniture. A well-positioned bench can make a huge difference to how your outdoor space looks.

You can use it to highlight a particularly beautiful view or a water feature. Or you can tuck it away in a quiet, secluded area of your garden so it becomes your little getaway from the everyday stresses.

And for all the couples out there, with a beautiful, comfy garden bench you can create a private loveseat that is sure to set a romantic garden mood.

7.     Add a Bit of Fun

There is one more thing you need to ensure a gregarious time for all: elements that bring the fun! Consider getting a yard swing as it can serve multiple functions. It’s great for entertaining, reading, and some zen time too. It’s built for fun and relaxation, yet takes up little space.

Cover its seat with charming cushions and you’ve got a beautiful place to sit and gather during the warm months. And when the evenings get chilly, just cuddle up under a blanket and enjoy your night!

A corner with a hanging hammock is another spot that is sure to become your favorite one for summer relaxing! It immediately brings vacation vibes to your garden!

Imagine swinging during a quiet afternoon in a lovely outdoor area with your favorite book and a summer cocktail. Sounds divine, right?

8.     Create a Little Breakfast Nook

Bistro-inspired nook is a lovely garden addition, especially useful if your outdoor area is on the smaller side. A cozy, secluded space where you can start your day and enjoy a cup of coffee will help you set the mood right from the beginning!

French café chairs are all you need to add casual-chic vibes. And to brighten things up even more, opt for vibrant colored ones!

If you are short on space, opt for a space-saving table. It’s both beautiful and functional, and it will allow you to maximize your small garden area.

9.     Make Your Outdoor Space Pop With Color

Nothing says summer and fun more than bright, bold colors! Neutrals can be stunning, but they are even better if you accentuate them with turquoise and cobalt hues. Fresh summer shades are sure to elevate the look and feel of your outdoor space.

Colorful plant pots and vibrantly colored flowers are one way to update your deck, patio, or balcony with pops of bright color. You can add refreshing hues outside with cushions, throw pillows, decorative tiles, and colorful lounge chairs too!

Any outdoor area can be more beautiful and cozier. Follow the tips above, and you are sure to create a restful oasis you and your family will cherish!