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Mission Nightstand

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We are proud to present you our Mission Nightstand-a beautifully handcrafted, elegant nightstand for your bedroom. Mission Nightstand is a simplistic yet classy piece of furniture that fits into a variety of styles whether it’s modern, traditional, or even minimalist style. This is the beauty of wooden furniture, it fits everywhere and lasts for decades.

Mission Nightstand is available in multiple designs and sizes, and you can even pick the perfect type of wood to go with your overall bedroom décor.

It features 1 drawer and a shelf below it while standard dimensions are 22W x 20D X 26H. However, we aim to meet every client’s criteria so this Amish nightstand can be customized as much as you like until we meet your standards.

Types of hardwood in our catalog include elm, sap cherry, brown maple, hickory, hard maple, and a number of others. All nightstands are made from 100% real wood, we never use engineered or fake wood in the production of our furniture.

When you’re buying from Deutsche Furniture Gallery, you’re buying more than a piece of furniture. You’re buying tradition, quality, exquisite craftsmanship, and dedication because each of our Mission Nightstands is a work of art.

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    *Brown Maple Stains

    *Oak Stains

    *Elm Stains

    *Sap Cherry Stains

    *1/4 Sawn White Oak Stains

    *Hard Maple Stains

    *Cherry Stains

    *Hickory Stains

    *Walnut Stains


    Please select from any of the following hardware options, or choose as shown in picture.

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Mission Nightstand standard features:

  • Size: 22W x 20D x 26H
  • 1 drawer


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