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Amish St. Charles Single Pedestal Table


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The Amish St. Charles Single Pedestal Table is a work of art. Its round pedestal base mirrors the round table top which definitely draws the attention of your eye into it. You see it here in a two tone look that is very in style right now.

The St. Charles Single Pedestal Table comes in a diameter of 54″ or 60″. Wish to expand the table? No worries. Just pull the tabletop away from where both halves meet in the center. And the equalizer gear slides facilitate the table opening evenly above the single pedestal, making room for up to two leaves. Also, levelers in the base can come in handy in the event of an uneven floor.

St. Charles Single Pedestal Table features:

  • 1″ Round Top with beveled edge
  • Equalizer gear slides
  • Up to 2 leaves (Each leaf is 12”)
  • Does not self store
  • Levelers in base
  • Skirt height 26 1/2″
  • To order with a 2 tone feature, please call
  • Available in Oak, Sap Cherry, Rustic Cherry, Wormy Maple, Cherry, Rustic Hickory, Hickory, Brown Maple, QSWO, Elm, Rustic Walnut, Hard Maple and Walnut

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