Traditional and modern décor styles may seem like they could never go together. But the truth is that real design magic happens when you mix modern’s coolness and simplicity with classic lines and vintage charm! These two can complement each other perfectly when combined correctly.

Just bear in mind that bringing them into an aesthetically pleasing unity takes some planning and patience.

If you are in love with charming old homes and cherish traditional pieces, but you want to spice things up a bit with an updated, fun, and modern flair, keep reading! Or you could be in love with modernism, but want to create a visually interesting, dynamic interior by mixing it with a style from a different era.

Either way, this article is for you!

We’ll share some useful tips on how to mix traditional and modern styles to create an interesting space that is both stylish and comfortable.

1.     Decide on the Dominating Style

Traditional and modern décor are two completely different styles. To achieve an aesthetically pleasing result, you need to let one of the styles dominate your place, while the other will have a supporting role. The 80/20 ratio rule is a great place to start.

The main, dominating style will be represented in approximately 80% of the space, while the rest is dedicated to the supporting style.

It’s up to you to decide which style matches your space best and pick your furniture accordingly. Once you’ve chosen the majority of your pieces, you can incorporate a few items of the other style.

Ultimately, you will have either a traditional space with modern pieces or a modern design with traditional touches.

If you are not starting from scratch, then let the larger items in the room that would be harder to replace be your 80%.

2.     Go With Harmony or Contrast

When mixing up classic and modern décor, you can choose to create harmony between these two, or the contrast. If you prefer a more calming feel to space, then go with the former. If pushing boundaries is your manner, pick contrast instead of blending these two design styles.

It will create visual excitement and add the element of the unexpected. This approach ensures a bold space that stands out. The easiest way to achieve it is to use colors and materials to jazz things up.

For instance, a modern marble coffee table paired with a classic sofa will add a touch of glamour to your room. A contemporary dining table combined with an oriental rug is also a splendid mix.

On the other hand, combining these two styles evenly throughout the room will help you achieve harmony. For example, your space will feel more balanced if you have modern items distributed across your traditional home, or in at least two places.

Opting for either harmony or contrast will help you in making furniture choices.

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3.     Start With Essential Pieces

Once you’ve decided on the dominating style and chosen between harmony and contrast, it’s easier to narrow down furniture choices. For instance, if classic interior design is what you prefer, then you can go with a more traditional seating arrangement or larger wall units, and build your design around these pieces.

Once you’ve got your essentials, you can mix in a few pieces of the other style.

Chairs are a great way to add personality to your space, so you can opt for an interesting, modern set that will complement and elevate the look of your classic seating furniture.

4.     Tying Pieces Together

Whether you opt for a more balanced look or a visually exciting and bold contrast, you still need to find a way to tie your items together. This will create a unified and put-together overall look and feel to your space.

There are a few tried-and-true ways to tie traditional and modern interior design styles together. You can utilize the same color, shapes, textures, or patterns.

Picking up on the subtle details will help you create cohesion without being too matchy-matchy. A feature that different items have in common will be your guiding light, and allow you to group them together.

Items on the shelf can be pretty different, but if you keep them all within the same color palette, it will appear like everything goes together perfectly.

5.     Finishing Touches

To make sure your home has a warm and inviting feeling to it, you need to add a couple of finishing touches. Focus on art, textiles, lighting, and plants! For example, velvet throw pillows will add a comfy and luxurious feel to your rooms.

When looking to incorporate traditionally styled pieces into a modern interior, lighting and artwork can be of great help. Just imagine the mix of antique-looking Amish desk and a contemporary light sitting on it. These two can make for a powerful and dynamic combo.

Also, an elegant-looking vintage dresser paired with a modern painting is a match made in heaven.

These finishing touches can help two styles come together and make the most of the mix.

6.     Let the Mood Be Your Guide

Think of the mood you desire to achieve in your home. If a formal and elegant look is your goal, combine sophisticated pieces with darker timbers or brushed metals, and luxurious fabrics like velvet. They will accentuate the refined mood you are after.

On the other hand, if a cozy and inviting feel is more aligned with your taste, go with warm wood, soft ottomans and benches, plush rugs, and floor pillows.

Another trick to make your rooms appear more inviting is to soften straight and harsh lines by incorporating round objects like rugs and pillows.

Wrapping It up

Traditional and modern décor styles may be a challenging blend to perfect, but it certainly comes with a high reward when you get it right! Once you master the basics of mixing the two in a stunning, cohesive style, you’ll end up with a unique, multi-layered space.

Although pulling together a modern and traditional space can be tricky, remember that clashes can be irresistible and embrace a bit of dissonance in your space!