//About Deutsch Amish Furniture

About Deutsch Amish Furniture

Deutsch Amish FurnitureDeutsch Amish Furniture is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality Amish furniture.

Deutsch Amish Furniture carefully selects the wood it uses in its furniture from a wide variety of hardwood options. By so doing, the company can craft unique pieces for its clients.

Although Deutsch Amish Furniture creates ready-to-sell furniture, it also has a knack for custom making the pieces.

The experience of the Artisans at Deutsch Amish Furniture has enabled them to rank highly in the eyes of clients. From bedroom and dining room furniture all the way to blanket chests and more.

Most of the selected Amish master craftsmen at Deutsch Amish Furniture have years of experience working with furniture.

To further prove that the company is true to its word, Deutsch Amish Furniture now offers lifetime guarantees. Anyone who buy these custom pieces can be assured of the best quality available in the USA.

Over and above everything else, Deutsch Amish Furniture is known for the heirloom-quality handmade furniture created. That’s why you can be assured of being able to pass these items down to future generations as cherished heirlooms.

The Deutsch Amish Furniture Story

Largely family-owned and run, Deutsch Amish Furniture has been providing its exceptional services throughout the USA for several years. The company has carved out a name for itself – a name that speaks of the quality, craftsmanship, innovativeness, and the professionalism it has come to be known for.

The premium furniture will go a long way in providing you with quality service over the long haul.  You will be thankful and proud of your furniture once it arrives in your home.

The Craftsmanship

Artisanship is one of the hallmarks at Deutsch Amish Furniture. Using the best solid hardwood, their craftsmen excel in their ability to deliver unique pieces that everyone will truly appreciate.

The excellence of the service is just one of the perks of buying from Deutsch Amish Furniture. Apart from the timeliness of delivery and the affordability. Deutsch Amish Furniture is famous for producing 100% of their products in the USA.

Today, Deutsch Amish Furniture continues surprising everyone with beauty, unique crafting, and incredible quality.

The Products

Moreover, Deutsch Amish Furniture offers heirloom-quality furniture. The Artisans go out of their way to handpick the hardwoods that will be used to create your furniture.

To this end, their products are of such a high quality that they match those used years ago by previous generations of grade-seeking Americans. The structure of the pieces, their solid beauty, as well as their reliable durability all work hand in hand to deliver something infinitely better than you’ll get elsewhere on the market today.


At Deutsch Amish Furniture, you will also be able to find a wide variety of professional-grade furnishings to go into each room in your home – including your home office, living room, bedroom, dining room, and all other rooms in between.

Since the company has such a wide variety of wood types and finish colors, you may also be able to place requests for the exact hue, make, manufacture, and body in each piece you order from their Amish furniture store.

The showroom maintained by Deutsch Amish Furniture is always welcoming visitors. This means that you can take a quick trip to view the craftsmanship, go through the showroom, and chat with one of their experts to understand what goes into the process of creating each piece released.

Not surprisingly, service and quality are their hallmarks of success.

The Options

So, what enables Deutsch Amish Furniture to stand out from the rest of the crowd? Is there anything more than the experience and conscientiousness of the employees that have powered the company through the past few years?

The first step to getting to know the options available is to understand how each piece is made. For starters, Deutsch Amish Furniture only uses mature hardwoods in its construction. This is because it recognizes that the effectiveness and durability of every piece of furniture depends on the root of its construction.

To this end, all products you find at Deutsch Amish Furniture will look warm and enduring for years to come. More particularly, the company notes the differences in each tree and uses these differences in its working.

Therefore, if you are looking for distinct features and exceptional graining, you need to look no further than to the outstanding craftsmen of Deutsch Amish Furniture.  You will quickly notice that the textures of the products released are among the best you will ever find.

Other additional characteristics rendered to Deutsch Amish Furniture revolve around the natural markings on each piece of wood used. Formed by trees in their growth and maturity, these markings add enhanced levels of character to the appearance of your wood furniture.

That said, furniture options you will find for use from Deutsch Amish Furniture will be perfect pieces for:

And more, while certainly not forgetting the popularity of children’s furniture.

Why Choose Deutsch Amish Furniture

The company values honesty, efficiency, simplicity, industry, and hard work above all else.

In fact, you will notice that the pieces are carefully designed and formed each step of the way. In effect, this represents the deep desire among the Amish for beautiful simplicity and practical use.

The great attention to detail employed at Deutsch Amish Furniture has enabled them to create some of the best furniture. Is it any wonder, therefore, that their shop is open to visitors marveling over their breathtaking creations?

Some of the reasons why so many clients prefer going the Deutsch Amish Furniture route include, but are not limited to-

Stain Color Choices

You can choose the stain color you desire to reflect in the furniture item you ordered. If you are not completely sure about the finish you need, we will send you stain samples.

Affordable Furniture

All you do, is pay 50% of the total sale price and the craftsmen will start your masterpiece.  The remaining 50% will be due at the time of delivery.

Countrywide Delivery

Deutsch Amish Furniture is based in Minnesota, but we deliver all around the country. All you need to do for this to happen is to make an order valued at more than $200.

Lifetime Warranty

Finally, Deutsch Amish Furniture offers lifetime warranties on every piece of furniture that leaves their workshop. It is for this reason that you have no cause to doubt the stability, durability, and heirloom-quality of our products.

Contact the Company

To get in touch with Deutsch Amish Furniture, please place a call to 507-280-8000. You can also talk to a our representative free of charge at 1-877-292-6474. Visit us at 3551 Commercial Drive SW, Rochester, MN 55902, or shop online at www.deutschfurniturehaus.com

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