Protect Fine Quality Furniture from Sun Damage

Purchasing fine quality furniture can be a major investment for a lot of families. You could be spending several hundred or even several thousand dollars on a single piece of furniture. When you’re looking at fine quality, handcrafted Amish furniture, you are looking at some of the best designed and built items in the world. It’s important to keep your fine quality furniture protected Throughout the year your home is going to be inundated with assault. These assaults will come in a wide range [...]

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Why is quality Amish furniture hard to find?

Exquisitely crafted quality Amish furniture from solid wood is almost a thing of the past. With today’s globalization, there is an increased massive production of so-called hand-made pieces. That process can’t feature the same quality as Amish heirloom furniture. Everything is different in the process from selecting the wood to its assembling. Deutsch Furniture Haus prides itself on the manufacturing of the original Amish furniture which quality is second to none. Each piece is created with love and patience by Amish craftsmen. Unlike a machine [...]

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What do you know about table leaf storage?

In today’s assembling and disassembling world where everyone is screaming for some extra space, extendable dining table is a godsend for your home. Thanks to its main element- leaves- you can also extend the list of guests you regularly entertain. When the party is over, all you need is to take care of dining room leaf storage, if you want to give it a second chance. Arts and Crafts Cabinet Table Table Leaf Basics A table leaf is a movable section of the table [...]

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What’s the difference in Hardwoods for Quality Amish Furniture?

A variety of hardwoods are used for many different types of quality furniture. When it comes to quality Amish furniture, it depends on many factors, but some hardwoods used are white ash, birch, cedar, cherry, hickory, mahogany, oak, rosewood, and walnut. There are many other kinds of hardwoods that are also commonly utilized in furniture manufacturing, so we will give a brief explanation about what is different with each of these. White ash Ash is well known for its ability to be bent. There [...]

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About Deutsch Furniture Gallery

Deutsch Furniture Gallery is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality Amish furniture. Deutsch Furniture Gallery carefully selects the wood it uses in its furniture from a wide variety of hardwood options. By so doing, the company can craft unique pieces for its clients. Although Deutsch Furniture Gallery creates ready-to-sell furniture, it also has a knack for custom making the pieces. The experience of the Artisans at Deutsch Furniture Gallery has enabled them to rank highly in the eyes of clients. From bedroom and [...]

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Getting the Most ‘Bang for Your Buck’ with Home Furniture

Everywhere you turn today, you see ‘DISCOUNT’ deals and ‘AMAZING’ sales and every other marketing gimmick one could think up. Purchasing home furniture today is a multi-billion dollar industry and while the average consumer is bombarded by ads, are they really getting the best bang for their furniture buck? In most cases, the answer is ‘no.’ Kingsbury Mission Trestle with Kingsbury Dining Chairs That’s because in many situations, the average consumer simply doesn’t know a great deal about furniture beyond the basics. They need [...]

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